Principal Consultant – Benjamin Chan

Principal Consultant – Benjamin Chan – achieved the following educational qualifications, professional accreditations, press/publication features and awards.

Educational Qualifications

Masters degree in Human Resource Management from Rutgers University achieving   Grade A distinctions in 8 subjects
Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in Economics, National University of Singapore
Bachelor of Arts, National University of Singapore
Graduate Diploma and Certificate in Management Consultancy, Institute of Management Consultants, Singapore
Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management, Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), awarded Bronze Medal for outstanding performance
Graduate Diploma in Training and Development Management, Singapore Institute of Management, awarded Bronze Medal for outstanding performance
Diploma in Training Management, Institute of Training and Development, United Kingdom
Graduate Diploma in Financial Management, Singapore Institute of Management
Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment (first pioneer batch), WDA, STADA, SIM
Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certificate, British Institute of Cleaning Science, UK

Training Courses Attended

HR Capability Package, SNEF and SPRING Singapore
Fair employment, recruitment and selection,  TAFEP, SIM University and SHRI
Re-employment counselling and managing mature workforce, Centre for Seniors
Wage restructuring, monthly variable component, performance appraisal system, SNEF
Instructor’s Certificate on performance appraisal, measurement and problem solving, SIM
On-the-Job Training Manager and blue-print development, PSB-Seiko
People Developer Consultant and Assessor, Balanced Scorecard, SPRING Singapore and SIM
Creating effective career planning, SHRI
Implementing work-life strategy and flexible work arrangements, SHRI and TAFEP
Flexinigtion – Possibilities Beyond Flexibility, NTUC
Implementing a Pilot Programme for Flexible Work Arrangements, NTUC
Business process re-engineering, improvement and change leadership, SIM and IMCS
Workforce Skills Qualifications Consultant, Competency Map, Standards, Curriculum, Training and Assessment Guides, WDA and IAL
Business Excellent Consultant and Assessor, Singapore Quality and Innovation Class Assessor, SPRING Singapore and SPA
Business for Families Consultant and Assessor, SPA
Level 1, Halal Foundation Programme, Supervisory Level and Level 2, Developing and Implementing the Singapore MUIS Halal Quality Management System, MUIS Academy
Design Thinking: Applying User-Centred Design to Innovate your Food and Beverages Business, Dowayo Foresight and Design Singapore Council
E-Learning Course Design, Development, Quality Assurance and Project Management, IAL
Job Re-Design and Re-Engineering, SNEF, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Republic Polytechnic, IAL
WordPress, Web Site Design, Development and Maintenance, WebSprout Academy
Search Engine Optimisation, Yoast and Udemy
Real Estate Salesperson (RES), Council for Estate Agencies and Hastor Property Services Pte Ltd

Relevant Professional Accreditations and Memberships

Senior Practising Management Consultant (SPMC), 2013, PMC Certification Board and Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants’ Council (SBACC)
Practising Management Consultant (PMC), 2008 (first pioneer batch), PMC Certification Board and Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants’ Council (SBACC)
Singapore Human Resource Institute, Adult Education Network of Institute of Adult Learning, Singapore Productivity Association and Singapore Institute of Management. 

Press/Publication Features 

Featured in Straits Times and AsiaOne News in March 2013 for delivering recruitment & selection and compensation and benefits to i-Healthy Investments Pte Ltd
Recruitment & selection, compensation & benefits and performance management delivered to Sun Lim Gardens Foodstuffs Pte Ltd were featured in Straits Times Advertorial (January 2012) and SPRING Singapore’s Managing Human Resources for Business Growth
Recruitment and selection delivered to Cathay Photo was featured in Straits Times, February 2014, under Benefiting Employees Benefits Business
New HR Trends and Strategies was published in Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Councils PMC Connect in April-May 2015. 


National Skills Recognition System Award, SPRING Singapore
People Associate of the Year Award, SPRING Singapore
Silver Award and Certificate of Achievement for outstanding Quality Circle efforts and performance in improving productivity in Group of Companies
Long Service Award, Industrial Group of Companies
Bronze Medal for outstanding performance in Graduate Diploma in Training and Development Management,  Singapore Institute of Management
Bronze Medal for outstanding performance in Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management, Singapore Institute of Management
Lee Wah Bank Scholarship, National University of Singapore

Benjamin Chan receiving National Skills Recognition System (NSRS) Award and People Associate Award from SPRING Singapore