Capability Development Grant SPRING

Capability Development Grant SPRING is a financial assistance programme that helps SMEs to develop business capabilities across 10 development areas from increasing service standards, adopting technology to staff training and overseas expansion. CDG supports a wide range of capability upgrading initiatives to help SMEs grow their businesses locally and globally.

The 10 Key Business Areas of Capability Development Grant SPRING are as follows:

10 Key Development Areas of Capability Development Grant (CDG)
Ten key development areas of Capability Development Grant, SPRING

Capability Development Grant SPRING

Capability Development Grant, SPRING

Capability Development Grant SPRING  - Human Capital Development

Capability Development Grant (CDG) helps SMEs defray up to 70% of the qualifying costs for engaging external experts such as qualified HR Consultants. SMEs can implement more in-depth HR Management and development projects. CDG covers all HR areas necessary for business growth. 

SMEs may tap on the Capability Development Grant SPRING for support if they wish to further upgrade capability in any of the 4 areas of Innovation, Productivity, Human Resources and Financial Management or do a bigger scale project after using 2 (two) $5,000 Innovation and Capability Vouchers.

SMEs keen to upgrade their human resource capabilities further may apply for assistance under Capability Development Grant for Human Capital Development. Funding from SPRING Singapore is 70% of total project costs

In 2010 Benjamin Chan became the Pioneer Associate Consultant, Singapore National Employers Federation, for SPRING Singapore's Human Resource Capability Programme. This HR Capability Programme was amended to Capability Development Grant (Human Capital Development) in June 2012.

Hu-Tech Consulting is pleased to offer selected Capability Development Grant SPRING Project Modules to help SMEs build up capabilities for growing their business and achieve better results.

Manpower Planning

Manpower Planning

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and Benefits

Performance Management

Performance Management

Learning and Development

Learning and Development

Career Management

Career Management

Talent Management

Talent Management

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Employee Relations

Employee Relations

HR Module

Scope of Capability Development Grant Project (Human Capital Development)

Recruitment and selection

Recommend recruitment strategies, establish processes to attract applicants and assess suitability for job

Compensation and benefits

Design market competitive compensation and benefits strategies including base pay structure, pay for performance, sales incentives, staff leave and benefits.

Performance management

Establish performance appraisal systems and guidelines to appraise and monitor employees performance. Maintain or improve employee performance through objective setting, appraisal, coaching and feedback.

Learning and development

Establish guidelines for training and development of employees, competency-based training road-map and training plan.

Talent management

Help SMEs develop talents for key job roles. Craft job titles and descriptions for three key job roles. Develop competencies, induction and training plans, structured career pathways for selected job roles

Manpower planning

Assess current workforce capabilities, demographics and work processes, determine future workforce requirements and business plan, identify gaps and implement solutions to bridge the gaps.

Career Management

Establish policies and processes to enable employees to determine career objectives, educational and developmental programmes for developing skills in achieving career objectives.

Talent Management and Succession Planning

Talent Management identifies, manages and retains talents to be groomed into future leaders for SMEs. Succession Planning creates a strategy and plan for succession to take place. This involves identifying competencies  required of successors for crucial roles and time frame.

Employee Relations

Developing, maintaining and improving employer-employee relations through building a strong and cohesive company culture and enhancing internal communication

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Please refer to FAQs on SPRING Grant Portal and SPRING Grant Portal Step-by-Step Guide for more information

Who Can Apply for Capability Development Grant SPRING?

Local SMEs can apply for CDG if meet the following criteria :

  • Registered and operating in Singapore
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding
  • Group annual turnover of ≤ $100 million OR group employment size of ≤ 200 employees

CDG Application Process


CDG Simplifed Application Process

CDG simplified application process

Step 1: Pre-Application

Check your eligibility to apply for CDG and identify the supportable area relevant to your project.

​Have you considered the Innovation and Capability Voucher?  Determine which programme (ICV or CDG) better meet your business needs.

Ensure your project has not started as late application will not be supported.

Prepare following documents to be submitted with your application:

  • Latest ACRA search or instant information (< 6 months old) * of your Company  and your Corporate Shareholders, if applicable.
  • Latest Audited Financial Statements (< 1 year old) of your Company and Consolidated Financial Statement of your ultimate parent Company if applicable
  • Project Proposal ^
  • Relevant Proof of Quotation for your project cost items
  • Consultant's proposal if a consultant is engaged

                 *    Not required if provided to SPRING Singapore in preceding 12 months and there has been no change

                ^     Not required for grant support of $30,000 or less (i.e. total project cost of  $45,000 or less). SMEs will only be required to answer about 5 guided   questions.​

Prepare the following information # based on the last financial  year * and the projected 3-year figures from the year after the project is completed.

  • Quantitative impact indicators eg. Total Sales Revenue, Remuneration, Job Creation Indicators eg. Total Staff Strength, No. of Managers & Professional

              #    Figures should be representative of the applicant company (not the consolidated group of corporate shareholder)

              *    For grant support of $30,000 or less (i.e. total project cost of $45,000 or less), only key indicators based on the last financial year will be required.

Step 2 : Application

Read the SPRING Grant Portal Access Rights Guide to familiarise with who in your Company can access and submit the application.

Log on to SPRING Grant Portal to submit your online application. Click SPRING Grant Portal Step-by-Step Guide for reference.

Step 3: Approval Process

Upon receiving  your application a SPRING Officer will get in touch with you.

  • ​A meeting may be arranged to understand your Company and project better
  • You may need to revise your application when the information submitted is not complete.
  • You may be requested to provide current and projected productivity indicators arising from your project, depending on your industry sector and development area, (e.g. time spent on processing, sales per transaction, cost savings etc)

Your application will be assessed based on business needs, project scope and competency of service provider in improving your business capability. All applications are subject to SPRING's approval.

Upon approval of your application, you will be notified via email to log on to SPRING Grant Portal to view and accept your Letter of Offer.

During project implementation you should ensure the following:

  • ​Project records are maintained properly, e.g, project scope, timeline, deliverables, progress reports and project sign-offs
  • Financial records are maintained properly, e.g. project invoices and receipts 

How to Apply for Capability Development Grant (CDG)?

For FREE Diagnostics of Human Resources

Call 98382688 for Benjamin Chan, Masters' Degree in Human Resource Management and Senior Practising Management Consultant (SPMC), Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council (SBACC). Benjamin has more than 15 years of extensive experience consulting and working with SMEs and Multinational Corporations in different industries, SPRING Singapore, Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), among others.

Prior to consulting Benjamin has also acquired more than 15 years of professional working experience in government statutory boards, SMEs and Multinational Corporations in several industries at strategic and operational levels in Singapore and the region.

SMEs will receive Project Scope with Deliverables, Proposal and Recommendations to close identified gaps upon diagnosis of Human Resources subject to eligibility and project engagement confirmation. Upon project completion a Capability Development Report tailored to needs of SMEs will be delivered for submission to SPRING Singapore.

Human Resource Report for SMEs under Capability Development Grant

Press/Publication Features on CDG

Recruitment & Selection, Compensation & Benefits and Performance Management of Sun Lim Garden Foodstuff's was featured in Straits Times, 12 January 2012.

Recruitment and Selection of Sun Lim Garden Foodstuff was also featured in SPRING Singapore's Managing Human Resources for Business Growth.

New HR Trends and Strategies was published in Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council PMC Connect in April-May 2015.

Michael NgChief Executive Officer

Benjamin Chan developed and customised Human Resource strategies, best practices, guidelines, processes, procedures, tools and templates in recruitment & selection, compensation & benefits and performance management to suit the needs of my Company. He is very professional, systematic, analytical, honest, reliable and independent in judgement. I would strongly recommend him for HR consultancy projects.

CDG FREE HR Diagnostics
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